Polaroid Project Day 2 photo 6 by JW Purdy

You may have noticed already that I am not posting the photos in the order they were taken but rather in the order we favor the images. For this photo, I place the two trees on the horizon away from Shannon to give the photo a little balance and interest. I missed the mark and placed the trees too close to Shannon’s figure and the horizon line is slightly skewed. The horizon line is acceptable to me however the placement of the trees along with the nearly symmetrical placement of Shannon’s arms caused me to rate this photo low. I don’t know if it is the placement of the arms or what be the fact that she is missing feet also really bothers me in this photo. I do however like the coloring of the sky and the warm light falling on her figure.

Until next time,

JW Purdy

Polaroid project Day 2-6 by JW Purdy