Polaroid Project Day 1 photo 5

Sorry for such a long day between posts. It has been very busy around here with the recent hurricane. We did very well in our little corner of the world but have people in our lives that did not fair as well. We have taken a few in just for a short time so that they can recover from the devastating storm. The business I currently manage flooded as did most of the 100 tenants we have with us. I am very sorry that many people are losing their personal possessions and hope they will find some much-needed assistance in this time of great need. It was a storm to behold for sure. I have never seen anything like it and never want to again.

Here is another photo from our first day shooting on the new project. I will try and bring you a new photo daily for the next few weeks. We went scouting yesterday and actually got some photos taken and I will be posting a sneak peek shortly. In this photo, Shannon was standing near to a wall by a big piece of machinery. She put one leg up on a stack of panels and held on to the seed shaker. I leaned down holding the camera just above a panel near me and framed the image with Shannon on the right side of the image. I thought the seed spreader would come out more clearly than it did and that is one reason I only rated this photo to image 5. It might actually be mixed up with another photo that is stronger but was rated lower.

I hope you enjoy,

JW Purdy

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project Day 1-5 by JW Purdy