Polaroid Project Day 1 photo 1 by JW Purdy

As promised yesterday, our favorite photo from the first session of our new long-term project. The first element of the photo that really hit me was the piercing gaze on Shannon’s face. Even from a slight distance with a Polaroid, her eyes are so intense. The contrast of Shannon’s figure to the aged wood in the background is absolutely perfect. I love that the near black gears and belts give the scene a little additional pop and wow factor. Shannon’s braid, even though it’s black, acts as a leading line to her beautiful full breasts. Her square shoulders really act to separate her from the background and give the photo a three-dimensional feel. Her arm and hand placement work very well to frame her body in a very feminine way and are not distracting. I like the fact that the curve of her bottom is just hidden from full view making you want to see more. If you could only get on the tips of your toes maybe you could see a full view of it. I love a photo that gives you a feeling of wanting to see just a little more.

As you can tell I am very satisfied with our first outing for the new project. The second one is already in the books as well and I will start posting the images tomorrow. I hope you are enjoying seeing Shannon on a regular basis again. I know I am happy working with her again. I feel complete and in harmony with the world and looking forward to this weekends shoot. We are BACK in business, oh yeah!

Unit next time,

JW Purdy

Polaroid project Day 1-1 by JW Purdy