Hurricane Harvey can’t stop us

I am very happy and excited to share a little news with everyone tonight. Shannon and I were able to get out today and do some exploring while everyone was hiding out at home from Hurricane Harvey. We went to an old rice gin in Crabb, Texas and got some really cool photos for our new Polaroid project. I have wanted to explore the old rice gin for years and now that they are starting to tear it down we were able to get in. Some of the machines in the gin have dates as far back as 1891 on them. It was wonderful and Shannon and I had a great time. We did get caught as we were leaving by a man that lives on the property but he didn’t say anything. The second time we got caught was by our new neighbors when we got home. I was washing off Shannons boots on the side of the house when the neighbors pulled up and started talking with us. Shannon was wearing a swimsuit cover and everything was on display but we did our best to shrug it off. They obsoletely knew something was going on but were nice enough not to say anything. Fun times are here again.

Keep an eye out for new posts and thanks for your renewed support,

JW Purdy

Shannon Purdy Polaroid project preview by JW Purdy