Drifting back

Have you ever been in a coma, I have. When and if you wake up it really changes you. For the first couple of years you try to figure out who you were. After searching you finally give up and decide that that person is gone. Next you morph into a new being, maybe better maybe not. As you develop into this new person strange things, unexplainable things, keep popping up. Songs, prose, and even situations bring back strange feelings you can’t explain. You suddenly find yourself in old circumstances you know you have seen before. Its like you are a ratt caught in a circular maze. Round and round you go knowing it’s a maze but being no closer to the end. Then your mind flashes back to the same old question, “Am I really awake or still in the dream of nothingness?” I have asked myself that question since August 2001. Will I ever have the answer? How would you ever really know if you are awake or in some crazy dream world you mind just made up. Everything seems so real but are you absolutely sure of that specific reality. Everyone’s reality is their own so in a way none of us ever escape our minds eye.