January 1, 2017 JW Purdy Photography Press Release

Press Release            



“My Nude Year” Art Nude 365-day challenge now posted online. 

Richmond, TX – January 1, 2017/ -- JW Purdy Photography studio is pleased to announce that its 2017 long-term project is now starting and will be posted on the JWPurdy.com website to be viewed online.   

Offical Artist Statement:

"Chasing the Dawn"

There is special feeling and unique beauty about the dawn; it inspires me.  So does my wife and muse, Shannon.  Together, we are “Chasing the Dawn” in 2017.

Special.  Beautiful.  Unique.  Inspiring.  These four words describe our collaboration, the process and my hope with the project.  This year-long effort follows another project we completed, titled My Nude Year.

Once a month, Shannon and I will leave our home at about 3:00 in the morning, and drive wherever our instincts take us until dawn gives its first hints of arrival.  At that point, we will stop, set up for image making and then create as the sky is changing, the sun is breaking the horizon and the cool colors begin warming in a dreamy, new-day environment.  For mere minutes, we will create to combine the beauty of human and environmental inspiration, revealing them both to viewers while conveying the sensations of hope, beauty and newness.

To enhance the desired effect and feeling conveyed by the images, I will use photographic enlarging paper to create paper negatives from which to print. Creatively, geographically, artistically and inspirationally, “Chasing the Dawn” will take us to new horizons, which we gladly reveal and share with others.


JW Purdy is a published/exhibited photographer currently living in south Texas. He picked up his first professional camera in 2008 after a motorcycle accident ended his career as a pilot. He enjoys working with both amateur models as well as legends in the field of figure study. Models he has worked with include Katy_T, Brynn Cook, Valerie Whitaker and Zinn Star just to name a few.  

Shannon Purdy, JW’s muse/wife started her career as a figure model by chance. While assisting on a shoot the model hired decided she was unable to continue and Shannon took her place. After that first experience she scheduled a session with well-known local professional RJ Warren. RJ Warren, a published photographer as well as photo juror, enjoyed working with Shannon and invited her to a attend his studios open house. Shannon was able to meet with several local artists during the luncheon and was hired to work on several projects. She has worked with JW Brown, Dion McInnis, Jeff Jackson and Richard Tallent.  

You are encouraged to visit the project online as new posts will be made monthly.   

Contact: JW Purdy

Email: JW@JWPurdy.com