New Blood (Leah Velocity)

Near the end of my last big project I had the pleasure of working with the wonderful Ms. Leah Velocity. Leah and I had been talking off and on for several years but for one reason or another had never found time to work together. Finally the chance came and with Leah adjusting her schedule to work with me late one night we were able to get a shoot completed. She is as wonderful in person as she had been over the Internet. She is so talented that it made my job as a photographer easy and not really like work at all. I explained to her that conceptually I was out of gas due to the 365-project but that I liked stacked lines. She instantly knew what to do and the shoot was perfect. It really pays to work with a model that has so much knowledge of the craft. Amateurs are always fun but nothing beats working with a model that knows what to do and when to do it.

For this first photo Leah was on top of the wire spool I have in a crazy balance posture. I would like to point out her close her feet are to each other. You need to have a lot of time on the yoga mat to hold this pose for any length of time and she made it look as if you could live like this. I love the stern look and expression she held in all of the photos. The emotion or lack of it was the perfect fit to every pose we captured.

Until next time,

JW Purdy