She’s back….

Okay before everyone gets their hopes up too high I’m not talking about Shannon. The model I have shot with the most is of course Shannon but excluding the “My Nude Year” project running a very close second is Skye Greene. Shannon met Skye at a party one year and they really hit it off well. Over time that started getting shoots together and were working in the same circles a lot. I met Skye and really enjoyed working with her. After a couple of shoots I started escorting her to some studios for fun.

We had a wonderful time hanging out together and I considered her one of my very good friends. Skye decided for one reason or another a few years ago that it was time for her to move on. She moved from Houston to California and I have to say it was pretty hard on me. I of course still have friends here in Houston but not ones I can work with just as easy as I can hang out with. I am as comfortable working with her as I am with Shannon and don’t have any anxiety when trying new concepts.  I don’t have any fear of failure when I’m working with Skye. If an idea doesn’t work out it just doesn’t work, no harm no foul.

I am so excited to get to see her soon. I don’t know if she is just here for a visit or if it is permanent. Hopefully we can set up dinner with her very soon and get caught up on what we have missed over the past few years. The happiness I feel is so strong I think I will float away at any second. One final thing I would like to say about her return is I don’t know if she is even modeling anymore and don’t really care. We were able to capture some really wonderful photos during our time together. So if she is done modeling, so be it, I will just be glad to see my friend after many moons being apart.

Until next time,

JW Purdy