Fired for amateur modeling completed as a college student.

I submitted a reply to an article I read today in which a teacher was fired from her job due to some amateur model she had done in the past. Please heed my words near the end of my response. Thank you JW Purdy

This doesn't just happen to teachers. I lost a very large banking client due to a web search many years ago. I was receiving a lot of work from them and then it just stopped. I contacted the person in charge of my account and she started looking at my account status to get some clue why I wasn't getting any more work. In the recent notes on my account, a web researcher in India had found my name associated with a nude photo site. The site was indeed my personal website confirmed by the listed URL she gave me. I asked the contact why my hobby caused me to lose them as a client and she had no response. I did receive an official reply from the company weeks later stating that they did not want to be associated with a deviant. A deviant, really, are you kidding me. My site is very professional looking in my opinion and I shoot fine art. I have been mentored by one of the best fine art photographers in Houston. Due to this lost client I changed my working name to my initials and have never looked back. I highly recommend both photographers and models to use pen-names for their figure work just to protect their online reputation. Companies are really starting to use the internet to research every detail of your life before working with you, be careful. Thanks for posting this article.