The Art of Nude by JW Purdy episode 6 - HPS Print competition

This evening I attended my first month print competition with the Houston Photographic Society in which I entered two prints. The competition was judged by Jim Caldwell who is a very experience commercial photographer based in Houston Texas. Mr. Caldwell stated that some of the elements in one of my photos reminded him of George Krause’s work. This name sounded very familiar but I couldn’t place it. When I got home I asked Shannon, my wife/assistant/muse if she recognized the name and she told me yes of course she did. I asked her to explain and she reminded me she had posed for Mr. Krause during one of his projects. The world really is smaller than you think. This was very fun for my first competition night and Mr. Caldwell gave one of my photos an honorable mention and the other second place. (Sorry in the video I state 3rd as an error) I am very humbled based on the photos I was up against. In today’s video I will be going over a few things Mr. Caldwell was nice enough to point out about my images.