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“My Nude Year” Art Nude 365-day challenge now posted online. 

Houston, TX – March 20, 2015/ -- JW Purdy Photography studio is pleased to announce that its 2015 long-term project is now posted on the JWPurdy.com website and can be viewed online. This bold project will feature a new nude photo daily for the entire year of 2015.  

The 365-day challenge is not a new photo concept to many photographers. Completing the entire year without missing one day is. Most people that undertake the challenge skip and them make up days during the course of a year. Last year, after two prior attempts, JW Purdy completed his first 365 without missing a day. Prior to January 1, 2015 he asked his muse Shannon if she would be willing to completing the 365 nude for 2015.  Nearly 80 days into the challenge they are going strong.

JW Purdy is a published photographer currently living in south Texas. He picked up his first professional camera in 2008 after a motorcycle accident ended his career as a pilot. He enjoys working with both amateur models as well as legends in the field of figure study. Models he has worked with include Katy_T, Brynn Cook, Valerie Whitaker and Zinn Star just to name a few.  

Shannon Purdy, JW’s muse/wife started her career as a figure model by chance. While assisting on a shoot the model hired decided she was unable to continue and Shannon took her place. After that first experience she scheduled a session with well-known local professional RJ Warren. RJ Warren, a published photographer as well as photo juror, enjoyed working with Shannon and invited her to a attend his studios open house. Shannon was able to meet with several local artists during the luncheon and was hired to work on several projects. She has worked with JW Brown, Dion McInnis, Jeff Jackson and Richard Tallent.  

You are encouraged to visit the project online by going to www.jwpurdy.com/my-nude-year/. This page is updated nightly with a new photo and commentary on the days shoot. At the end of the project an eBook will be released featuring the entire years photos.  

Contact: JW Purdy

Email: JW@JWPurdy.com