Organic nude in New Mexico

Good morning everyone,

I am happy to have a little time to finish our discussion on Shannon Purdy’s first shoot in the mountains of New Mexico. In this last photo we will cover a few different elements of composition present.  

Principals of composition: The first element of composition I would like to talk about is the strong presents of the diagonal rule. As you can see by my overlay, Shannon’s figure as well as the tree to the right of the frame both follow the diagonal lines and are located on the thirds of the divided frame.

would also like to point out the second element of composition in this photo. Many of you have already seen it, having read my previous posts; Shannon breasts are located on the left Rule of Thirds line as well as the bottom third line. She has been positioned on a Golden section of the photo giving the viewer a sense of peace in the photo.

The final element I would like to talk about today is the Golden Spiral. My overlay is not exactly prefect but you can see that with a slight shift of the spiral Shannon’s figure makes up the extent of this very strong element of composition. The Golden Spiral is a principal of composition we see in nature all the time. It is very appealing to our eye and draws us into a photo. An example of a Golden Spiral in nature would be a flower with all of the pedals opening in a pattern being displayed very close up. I’m sure at some point you have seen one of these photos and really thought it was a good photo.

Notes of this photo: In your photos try and find creative uses for negative space. As you have seen in this photo I utilized the tree to fill the negative space and due to the angle of the trunk was able to strengthen my composition. This pose is very organic and based on the surrounds it would have made a powerful image without the tree having been there; however, taking a minute to look at our surroundings we can find something that may enhance our photos. It only takes a few seconds and will get you in the habit of being more observant and will improve your photography skills in the long run.

Thanks for reading everyone. Sorry my posts have been off a little later than I have wanted lately. We have really been working on the "My Nude Year" project. It has been fun but it is also very time consuming. 


See you next time and until then,

Figure it out JW Purdy