"My Nude Year" project

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the late submission but I have been sick all week. I sat down to write a few days ago but just could not concentrate. I will post another principals of composition breakdown next week. I really hope you are enjoying these posts in which I detail the element of composition I try to present in my photos. If you have any suggestions, questions or feedback please let me know.

I would like to give everyone an update on my long-term project that is currently underway. On January 1st of this year Shannon Purdy and I started a new project that we have decided to call “My Nude Year.” In this new joint venture we will take a nude photo everyday for an entire year. We have already had so much fun with this and I really love the challenge of it. It has not always been easy even though we are only 35 days in. This week of being sick made it really difficult but we just pushed on. We will be posting some of the photos from our daily shoots but not all the work will be up until early 2016. We are planning on releasing a book at the end of the 365 days.

Please sign up to my newsletter to keep up to date on “My Nude Year.” Typically this newsletter only goes out on the last day of the month and gives everyone a little wrap up of what we’ve been up to plus usually a unpublished photo or two. You can sign up by following this link http://beta.privy.com/s/fr18tsI

I am posting a few photos we have taken so far. There’s are more up to see and I will continue to post a few from time to time. I hope you all have a great weekend.

JW Purdy