Madrid, New Mexico

Just a short fifteen days after my first shoot we, my family, had a trip set to visit my parents in New Mexico. Prior to leaving I posted a few ads online looking for models to work with during our stay. I was able to find two interested in shooting with me. My wife and I traveled to Madrid, an old coal mining town, to meet one of the models I had confirmed for a shoot on the nearby coal tailings. We set to meet at The Mine Shaft Tavern est 1899 which is a local hot spot. During our meeting the amateur model stated it was too cold to shoot and we parted ways. Disappointed I asked my wife if she would be willing to give modeling a try. Shannon had always wanted to model but never got the opportunity. Now the chance was staring her in the face and she decided to give it a go. It was after a few photos I knew I had married the best women in the world and now had a new muse. We had so much fun together and still work together as photographer & model as well as photographer & assistant to this day. It has become our way of getting away from it all and spending quality time together. Shannon has gone on to be a very popular local figure model and has worked with some really talented photographers. It has been a fun journey.

In this first image I was concentrating on the rule of thirds as well as the contrast of texture. The thing that made this photo stick out to me was the beam of sun that by chance illuminated Shannon's left nipple.