Loving servant

I have loved this photo for many years now. I keep coming back to it time and time again. I would edit it a little differently today due to my increased knowledge of Photoshop and other editing software but the core of the image is still intriguing to me. This is another photo taken during my shoot with models Shannon Purdy and Little Liz. I placed Shannon’s butt near the bottom left side of the frame making the viewers eye want to gravitate to that spot. Shannon’s gentle lines and curves lead the viewer’s eye through the image to Little Liz’s soft breasts. The lighting was left warm to compliment the tender nature of the pose. It is not an embrace of lovers but that of servant to a loving master. As with all of my photos line and shape are the key elements to entice the viewer to look follow a path of my desire. Although we are all different a predictable path can to accomplish with a little lighting and placement.