Golden Triangles and "On the Rocks"

I have already made a post on this photo a few weeks ago. The photo is titled “On the rocks.” I thought today we would start to breakdown the elements of composition I have found in this image.

Principals of composition: Golden Triangles – You can see in my overlay of this image that two distinct Golden Triangles are found in this composition. The base of the tree along with the bright reflective rocks on the upper left of the frame lead your eyes to the point of Shannon’s chin. The natural slope of the landscape as well as the tree trunk form a leading line. From the point of Shannon’s chin (a Golden Triangle) we intersect the primary line in the composition. There is an implied line running from Shannon’s chin, between her breasts, down her leg and ending at her knee.  The second Golden Triangle is located near the junction of Shannon’s legs to her torso. You may have noticed that this is also the brightest part of her thigh.

Notes on this image: Your viewer will naturally seek out your models eyes. By using principals of composition in your image and taking a little time to think them out as you compose your framing you can influence your viewer to follow a path through your photo.  Not only does this create a pleasing image it will also give your viewer something to explore as the look at your photo.

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Sorry I miss spoke in last weeks post. I was thinking of this photo when I asked you to all come back for another principal discussion. In this photo we will be covering three elements of composition. Please come back next week and we will discuss diagonals in your composition.

Thank you and see you next time,

JW Purdy