Hello and thank you for stopping by today, I’m JW Purdy and I currently live in south Texas. I distinctly remember picking up a camera at the age of seven and taking photos of a homemade hot air balloon we were launching as a science experiment. As the years progressed I shot just about every style of photo imaginable with emphasis on portraiture. I love making images of people. Having the ability to record a certain gaze or smile forever pulls at something deep within my soul.

I have been photographing the female figure since early 08’ after purchasing my first semi-professional camera. The more I learned as time passed the more I was drawn to nude portraiture. Growing up having been exposed to French, British and Italian art I was largely influence by the works of the Grand Masters. Beautiful robust women depicted lying on grand carpets or chairs called for me to scrutinize every detail.  Elegant Greek goddesses adorned with every luxury called me back time and time again. Time passed and as I reached my early teen years the muted yet vibrant French photos locked up my heart and threw away the key. Brilliant deep red wallpapers with an endless amount of white scroll work overpowered the backgrounds, while a thin warm toned female in a sheer black dress populated the foreground one breast exposed. Near the bottom of the page somewhere a brand name for this company or that which didn’t even matter. This one photo had somehow expressed my definition of beauty, in every possible way. The vibrant colors that had been toned down by the use of a soft light. The abstract and minimalist crop of the model not allowing you to see her full person. That limited view provided by the artist that made you long for more while leaving you completely satisfied.

Every few years I look back over the body of my work and see myself growing toward this ultimate expression of beauty. My ability to tell a story through the use of minimalist techniques is growing with every project I complete. My ultimate goal is to create a work of art that will fully tell the viewer my perfect version of a mental fairytale known only in my minds eye.  JW Purdy