Hello and thank you for stopping by my site. My name is JW Purdy and I live in Richmond, Texas with my wife and muse Shannon. I have been photographing nude models including Shannon since 2008. I concentrate on figure study and have a blog in which I discuss the different elements of working in the fine art nude genre. You can check out my blog by clicking "The Art of Nude Blog". My main goal in starting this site is to better serve all of you, my readers. I have for a few years now tried to maintain a couple of different blogs and I’m hoping to condense them all into one. I hope you enjoy this site and please drop me a message with your comments or suggestions. Please sign up to my newsletter to keep up to date on my projects. I promise not to spam you with a lot of junk. I have giveaways from time to time for my newsletter subscribers. 

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JW Purdy